Top Tips to Keep You Cool this Summer

Whilst it may be taking it’s time to arrive, we know there will be a heatwave soon! So, without air conditioning in many UK homes, how can we keep our cool as Summer rapidly approaches?​​​

Energy Efficient Freezing and Refrigeration
We have a great range of fridges, fridge freezers and chest freezers to suit all kitchens or utility rooms. Tall, under counter, counter top, built-in or American style side by side, the latest technologies ensure that you will keep your drinks and snacks chilled or frozen with less impact on your energy bills and the environment.


See our range of refrigeration appliances.


​​​Fan-tastic Ways to Keep Cool
Renowned in the industry for their commitment to innovative technology, and products that combine performance and results, the Dyson range of heating and air treatment fans are proving popular with our customers! Here’s our top picks for keeping you cool in the home this Summer.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cooling Fans
​​​​​​​​​​Using Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, the fan amplifies the surrounding air resulting in a refreshing stream of uninterrupted cooled air. Heaven! What’s more, they’ve even been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation, so you can sleep peacefully with cool air circulating throughout the night. Each model comes complete with a handy timer too, so you can always set it to switch off an hour or so after you go to bed. Featuring a sleek, bladeless design that not only makes them safe around little fingers, but also much easier to clean too!  

​​​​​​​Try the Dyson AM06 Cooling Fan. Our customers confirm it’s “quiet” and has a “very neat appearance”. Standing at just over 1 metre tall, the Dyson AM07 Cooling Fan tower comes with sleep timer functionality and a remote control. The smooth oscillation feature ensures you can direct, tilt and pivot the head to find the perfect airstream for you!

Hot and Cooling Fans
With over 1,600 customer reviews, we can see why Dyson's hot and cool fans are so popular! Built to generate fast, even, whole-room heating and offering a long-range, powerful airflow. Aesthetically pleasing and rotating, it can be managed easily from the remote which is magnetically held on top so you can’t lose it. The fan can be easily transported room to room to just add some heat instead of putting full heating on or some cooling if an area is a bit chilly or warm.


Air Purifiers
With over 13 million people suffering from hay fever allergies, we’d recommend Dyson's range of Air Purifiers to make your environment a little more comfortable for you.

The Dyson BP01 Pure Cool Me Air Purifier has been engineered to help improve the quality of your air - capturing 99.95% of particles, including allergens and bacteria molecules too, replacing them with a stream of cool filtered air. 

See our full Heating & Air Treatment range from Dyson.



Top Tips to Keep You Cool

Alongside a trusty fan, what else can you do to keep yourself cool this Summer? Here’s a few tried and tested ways the team at Hockridge Appliance Centre can confirm will bring down your body temperature nicely.

  • Ice cream and ice lollies - Always yummy, although sadly don’t last forever. Drawback? Has the potential to give you brain freeze. 
  • A nice cold refreshing smoothie - Talk to us about blenders and smoothie makers. 
  • Close the curtains and blinds - As harsh as it sounds as we’ve been waiting patiently to see the glorious sunshine, closing the curtains avoids turning your home into a greenhouse. 
  • Ice cubes and cold water - It’s an oldie but a goodie, and something advised to athletes to cool down after a run or workout. By placing an ice cube on your pulse points (wrists and sides of your neck - because blood vessels in those areas are closer to the surface of your skin) or running them under cold water, you will be cooled down instantly.



So, there you have it! Our top tips to keep your cool this summer. ​​​​​

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