Miele Vacuum Cleaners: Exceptional Quality and Performance

With or without a bag, stick, cylinder or upright vacuum cleaner? Which model is the right one for you depends on your rooms and your personal preferences. The Miele range of floorcare appliances will meet all of your floor cleaning requirements.

Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners
Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners with dustbag combine exceptional cleaning performance with unique user convenience and first-class Miele quality. They also ensure outstanding hygiene as the dustbag can be replaced without releasing any dust and is therefore completely hygienic.

The cable on all Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners can be rewound easily with a foot control, without having to bend over. Compact C2, Complete C3 and CX1 vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a touch control function, allowing the entire cable to be rewound at the touch of a button.

The floorhead, suction tube and handle lock into each other with an audible click. The parts all connect securely but can be easily disengaged at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the sophisticated Compact System, Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners are particularly easy to store and save space.

Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners
Hygiene is a priority. especially when it comes to bagless vacuuming. Miele's bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners provide an excellent standard of hygiene thanks to their innovative dust separation system. You will also love their unique user convenience and outstanding cleaning performance. Their first-class quality also means sustainability, as the maintenance-free exhaust filters save on follow-up costs.

The flexible hose connector enables comfortable, ergonomic handling. The lever action allows the floorhead to be manoeuvred more easily and takes pressure off your wrist.

Vortex technology produces an enormous flow rate of more than 100 km/h. Combined with the specially designed airtight floorhead and the aerodynamic airflow, the bagless vacuum cleaner achieves a first-class cleaning performance.

Due to the high air throughput of the specially designed motor, the extremely high flow velocity ensures outstanding separation of coarse soiling and fine dust in different containers.

With one simple motion, the dust containers can be removed by pulling upwards and at the touch of a button, the dust can be emptied out of the bottom straight into the waste bin. Emptying is particularly hygienic as no direct contact is made with the dust and the container empties completely.

Special sensors measure the air throughput of the GORE® CleanStream® fine dust filter and automatically activate the ComfortClean self-cleaning function as needed.

Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners are equipped with high-quality attachments which are stored dust-free inside the appliance, conveniently within reach.

Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners
Miele cordless stick vacuum cleaners can be activated in a flash. They provide maximum flexibility as they do not need to be plugged in. Thanks to the replaceable battery, you can clean even large areas in one go.

The PowerUnit of Miele HX1 vacuum cleaners can be positioned at the top or bottom. This enables you to get under flat furniture easily or to vacuum large areas effortlessly. The PowerUnit can also go solo in an instant, to vacuum your car seats or sofa easily.

The lightweight design makes your vacuum cleaner really easy to hold and it also features a handy self-standing function.

You can charge your Miele HX1 conveniently with the PowerUnit in either the upper or lower position. If you do not want to drill the wall bracket into the wall, you can simply plug the cable directly into the battery and you can charge the battery independently of the appliance.

Over 60 Worldwide Test Wins
The outstanding cleaning performance and efficiency of Miele vacuum cleaners receive frequent accolades in independent product tests. Since 2005 alone, Miele vacuum cleaners have been voted test winners more than 60 times in consumer tests worldwide.

All this and a 2 year manufacturers warranty!

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