British Food Fortnight: A Celebration of British Food

First held in 2001, British Food Fortnight was first introduced by Dorset-born, Alexia Robinson. After the foot and mouth crisis nearly crippled the rural communities she so fondly remembered from her childhood, Alexia wanted to do something to help revive them, give them something to believe in, and give them a reason to continue to farm!

Inspired by the traditional Harvest Festival, whereby communities have gathered for hundreds of years to celebrate and enjoy the produce of the land, and the fruits of their hard labour; Alexia created a single campaign, ‘Love British Food’ that married together all the activities across Great Britain and created a modern day festival to include everyone.

​​​​Love British Food? Everyone’s Invited!
Now recognised as one of the UK’s biggest national celebrations, British Food Fortnight takes place from 18th September to 3rd October 2021 and whether you’re a teacher, catering company, retailer, care home provider or a consumer, there are several ways you can get involved! Click here for more information on how you can take part.

And in case you’re wondering the significance of buying British food, here are just a few of the reasons why we should:

Britain has some of the most robust food assurance and traceability standards globally, as well as cattle passport systems, and higher welfare standards for how livestock is reared and looked after.


Eating British food ensures a lower carbon footprint as the food has travelled less far, saving on air and transport miles, as well as the added benefit of receiving optimum nutrients and minerals from the produce having spent less time in transit.

 You’ll be boosting the British economy, from supporting the farmers and growers, to the pickers, packers, distributors, and independent retailers, as well as the restaurants, cafes and pubs that serve us.

Eating the seasonal produce available each month brings excitement of what the next delicious treat around the corner is - from asparagus in Spring, fresh strawberries in Summer, to the root vegetables such as parsnip available in Autumn, and mussels in Winter. 

You can often get it delivered. Straight from the farm to your door, saving you hassle, and knowing exactly where your food is coming from.


From Grass Roots Up! Recipes That Celebrate The Best Of British Food
British Food Fortnight wouldn’t be very fun without any food! So, we’ve rounded up a handful of our favourite recipes for you to try with friends and family. In between now and then, why not visit your local farmers markets and get your ingredients ready.

Succulent Roast Beef with melt in the mouth Garlic Pots. Try your hand at Nadia Sawalha’s deceptively easy, yet oh so rewarding recipe. 

Roast Pork. This crackled to perfection recipe from AEG is bound to be a showstopper at your table. 

Fish & Chips. This tasty batter recipe from Belling uses a delicious combination of chives, grated lemon zest, and flat leaf parsley, and is sure to become one of your regular favourites! 

Veggie Shepherd's Pie with Magic Mash. This meat free feast uses sweet potatoes with a dollop of hummus to create the perfect topping for your pie, and better yet, it can be frozen and saved for an easy meal another day!​​​​​​​

Casserole with Mustard and Herb Dumplings. This classically British recipe from NEFF is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and sure to leave you feeling warm inside! Using your CircoTherm® oven it’s a slow cooked meal, however prep time is just 20 minutes.

As if we really need an excuse to enjoy fish and chips, a cockle warming casserole, or a delicious roast dinner with all the trimmings, all made from the best of British produce! Without a doubt, our love of food brings us all together. However, what can divide us is which is the Best British meal? ​​​


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