Blomberg LTH3842W 8kg Heat Pump Condenser Tumble Dryer


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  • Free 3 Year Guarantee
  • HYBRID Heat Pump Dryer
  • Which Best Buy April 18
  • A+++ Energy Rating
  • BLOM-LTH3842W
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This is the New Blomberg LTH3842W Hybrid heat pump tumble dryer that is very unique within the... more
Product information "Blomberg LTH3842W 8kg Heat Pump Condenser Tumble Dryer"

This is the New Blomberg LTH3842W Hybrid heat pump tumble dryer that is very unique within the tumble dryer world.

With its A+++ energy rating, it performs better on efficiency than any other current heat pump condenser tumble dryer on the market. Most heat pump condenser tumble dryers out there are A++ energy rated.

Not only is this Blomberg LTH3842W dryer more efficient than any other model right now, but because it is a HYBRID heat pump dryer it also has a FasterDry function to get your Laundry dry quicker, whislt still maintaining an A+ effiency (better energy rating than most condenser dryers).

This model had a Which Best Buy in awarded in April 2018

This is broken down into two "modes"
ECO mode: This is the mode that will work at its highest effiency at A+++, as a heat pump dryer.
SPEED mode: This FasterDry mode will work as a time saving option and will dry the laundry up to 30%  quicker, whilst maintaining a A+ energy rating.

The FasterDry mode can be used on 10 out of the 16 programmes that the LTH3842W has, so there are plenty of options to quicken up the drying load, if time is of the essence.

The LTH3842W has what are called sensor drying programmes, as well as the timed programmes. This will make drying your laundry even easier. All you need to do is set the dryer to the level of dryness that you would like and press start. If you want the Laundry load to have a little bit of moisture left in it for easy ironing, then set the programme to "Cottons Iron Dry". If you want the laundry load to come out bone dry then you can set the programme to "Cottons Extra Dry" and simply wait for the dryer to end when the laundry reaches that level of dryness, all the while the LCD display on the dryer will give a minute by minute countdown of how long is left on the programme.

The fact that this is a "condenser" dryer means that locating it within the household can be an easier process too. Because there is no venting hose to have to put out through an open window or into a purpose made hole in the wall. Simply locate the dryer somewhere you have a socket to plug it into and away you go. Just empty the water collection container after each drying load, and brush out the fluff filter ready for the next use.

This Blomberg LTH3842W comes with a great 3 year parts and labour guarantee and is exclusive to Euronics, so pick one up from us today.

Colour: White
Dryer Type: Condenser with heat pump
Drying Load: 8 kg
Energy Rating: A+++
Fitting Type: Freestanding
Guarantee: 3 Year Parts & Labour
Dimensions: H85cm x W60cm x D61cm
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